Divided 1.7

Top top off the weekend’s app update bonanza, I just submitted an new version of Divided to the App Store. 1.7 has a bunch of iOS 7 interface tweaks. I’ve been sitting on these since September 2013. I’d intended to neaten them up, but clearly never got around to it, so thought it best to release them while I’m in the mood to take screenshots and jump through hoops.

My cafetiere coffee brewing process

This is an abridged version of the Clifton Coffee Company’s brewing guide. The method is the same, I’ve just put it into a form I find easier to refer to.


  • 60g of ground coffee per 1L of water.
  • 2 cups is about 600ml


Grind, weigh and add the coffee grounds to the cafetiere while the kettle boils.

00:00   Kettle boils; let it sit to allow the water to cool slightly.
01:30   Pour the water from the kettle into the cafetiere. Allow coffee to bloom.
02:30   Use a dessert spoon to push the coffee down into the water; a single stir. At this point I usually use leftover water in the kettle to warm the cups.
05:30   Add the lid to the cafetiere, plunge the plunger, serve.

I wrote my own timer app to help with this. The main differentiator is that it counts up rather than down. If you’d pay 69p for such a thing, drop me an email.

Updates to Drinktrack and One to Watch

I submitted updates for Drinktrack and One to Watch to the App Store today.

In One to Watch, I made a small tweak to how you swap between the lists of watched and unwatched films. I think switching to a segmented control both makes the process simpler and exposes the feature more prominently.

The changes to Drinktrack are more worthwhile:

  • You can now elect to use 0.5% increments of AbV.
  • U.S. measures are included. For U.S. users, they are put at the beginning of the list of measures. For the rest of the world, they’re appended.
  • A few extra measures. 75ml glasses of wine, ⅔ and ⅓ of a pint for fancy-pants craft beer bars.
  • Quicker way to move drinks between days: little buttons to go forward and back.
  • General design tweaks to fit in with iOS 7, which I thought I released ages ago, but it turned out I didn’t. Ooops.

Expect them to be on the App Store within the week.

India Pale Ale

This statement, in The Economist Explains… How India pale ale conquered the world , catches the gist of the current flood of beers highlighting hops above all else:

The passion for hops in American craft beers has taken on the characteristics of an arms race, as brewers try to outdo each other in hoppiness.

I’m enjoying this, but we are risking the creators of beers putting showing off above enjoyment.

Fewer, and slimmer, cats

In Will invest for food, the Economist looks at the growth in trackers over active funds.

Earlier generations of investors were prepared to believe that the returns achieved by fund managers were down to skill. Now it has become clear that the returns were the result of factors that can be replicated. Like shoppers on a budget, investors are trading down from expensive brands to white-label goods. That may put many active managers out of a job.

I can’t imagine many will be shedding a tear for those active fund managers left out in the cold, after they spent decades creaming off huge fees for what amounts to little more than chance successes.