Divided has been removed from the App Store

I've taken the difficult decision to remove Divided from the App Store. I've not been in a place to update Divided for new devices for years and haven't renewed my developer account this year, meaning immediate removal from the store.

This means that Divided won't download onto new devices and your history will be lost. Unfortunately I didn't have the capacity to make an update with an export.

Hopefully at some point I'll have some time to bring it back up to date and back on the store.


Split your bills with confidence.

Divided is an intelligent bill splitting and tip calculating application for your iPhone. Simple splits are lightning fast, but when things get complex Divided makes sure there are no more strained looks across the table as you struggle to calculate everyone’s total—and no more ending up slightly short with the whole table convinced they’ve put in the right amount. Divided takes care of the maths while you take care of the coffees.

Divided supports: iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS. iOS 7 and up.

Everything starts off simple.

When your bill is simple to split, Divided doesn’t make you jump through any hoops to get to your result. Just enter the total, tip and the number to split between and you’re done.

No mental arithmetic • Divided was built with the idea of avoiding as much mental work as possible. We know just how little number-juggling appeals at the end of a satisfying meal.

No falling short • Divided will make sure you pay enough to cover the bill while still paying equal portions.

No slots • All entry in Divided is done with a keypad or keyboard; no fiddling with awkward spinners after a couple of glasses of wine.

But sometimes, things get complicated.

Difficult party?
Bring out Adjustments.

No drinks? Splurged on the steak? Divided knows that different cases need different tools, and has all your bases covered.

A certain amount • Know exactly what your meal cost? Enter it in and Divided will calculate your total including tip.

Pay more • Arrived early and grabbed yourself a little something to keep you going? Just enter the amount extra you need to pay and Divided will make sure your snack doesn’t burden everyone else.

Pay less • Drawn the short straw and are the designated driver for the night? Take off an amount to cover the drinks you didn’t have and let the others cover their wine.

Pay for several • Feeling generous, or it’s just your turn to cover dinner? Tell Divided how many people you’re paying for, and it’ll let you know how much you need to put down.

Still simple, even when your bill turns complex.

After you’ve entered all your adjustments, Divided lists what those with more complex requirements need to pay right next to their adjustment. Everyone else pays the big red number at the bottom. So no-one needs to remember what they owe when the time comes to pay.

Give a rundown to anyone who needs it

Sometimes things don't get settled up straight away or one of your party might require a record of who spent what. With Divided, you can send an email right away so everyone knows where they stand and how much they owe. Just hit Send in the top left.

We've taken care to keep the email streamlined and to the point — meaning there’s little you need to do aside from signing off.

Divided has your bill covered. All you need to think about is where to head next.

Questions, comments or problems with Divided? Don't hesitate to email me and I'll do my best to sort things out.