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I was thinking about why it is that programmers seem to be able to code for very long periods of time once they get started on a program. Everyone’s heard the story about the programmer who codes all night with cup of coffee and music for company. Other subjects just don’t seem to have this; the only time people stay up all night is when they have a very imminent deadline. CompScis, on the other hand, seem to do it quite often.

My conclusion was that programming offers lots of small triumphs to keep you going. Essays just have the ending "phew, do it all" keeping you going. Programs offer a constant stream of things to keep you going --- for example the menus appearing on screen, then actually doing something, then doing the right thing and so on. This keeps you going and keeps up the interest. And yes, we do get excited about that kind of thing!

I hardly ever stay up with Uni work, as most of it is pretty boring. However, drop me an interesting dWall idea or SharpE suggestion and I'll be up until the early hours figuring out various ways to do it...

Well, if Uni work wasn't quite so much at the moment I would do. Revision still continues apace, two exams next week. They're the final ones though, then 24hr party, infact maybe even longer as DaBombFlat Festival is the day after, complete with bbq and late night frivolities aplenty. Then I should recover, try to find a job and do some kick-ass coding. The new SharpE menu I'm doing has been liked by all, and I'm excited about the features that are going to land there soon. Think scripted menus, think full run time customisation, think sexy as... Basically, yumm-o is how it shall be.
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