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Well many things have happened since my last post.

I got a job for the summer which starts tomorrow. You may think that deserves excitment. It does. But even more needing of excitment is: it's five minutes **walk** from my new flat! Thought I would save the exclaimation mark for that.

I am going to be developing C# in ASP.NET for the summer. I'd point you towards the company site, but it's in need of some refreshment. Hopefully I'll get to do that, I haven't done a completely new site for a long time now. Crossed my fingers.

I'm going to be involved in writing an EPR, which seems to be some sort of database for patient's visits, treatments and other details. It's got a webpage front end, which only works in IE. A shame, but maybe I'll be allowed to have some input so that it can do the basics in Mozilla/Opera also. Some of the things it does require ActiveX for interloping with Word, so full compatability is impossible. Whichever, I really hope I'll get a chance to use my interface design skills in a "real" for sale product. I think my ShellOn and dWall interfaces are pretty reasonable, I guess this will be the test of whether others think the same.

As you may have guessed, this job was one of the reasons for the previous [ post](http://www.dx13.co.uk/index.asp?method=display&item=73) on Windows and its shameful dominance of the PC space and the irresponsibilities of Microsoft.

I managed to miss my Amazon delivery of the [ new Harry Potter book](http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0747551006/ref=mk_wpban_1/202-4061017-0185443) on Saturday. As luck would have it, the Post Office depot where it is being held for me is just off my route to work, so I shall pick it up on the way in tomorrow.

How very exciting tomorrow shall be if all goes well =)
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