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Today I have the Tablet PC home with me. For all those that have crisicised ClearType, the fonts on this machine look absolutely stunning. There’s no other word for it, they are that lovely. Grab yourself a high res screen, the Tablet’s is about 12 inches for 1024×768, and marvel at it.

On the otherhand, I have come to the conclusion that Tablet PCs are fairly useless without a wireless network. Their forte would seem to be browsing the web from the settee, watching a movie in bed, that kind of thing, which basically requires a fast (say 84g or whatever it's called, 802.11 next gen thing) to really achieve its potential. Doing any kind of serious work would probably be difficult; I don't think these things are going to replace laptops anytime soon. But for leisure things, they will rock. Especially as they can also be used along side your main PC as (rather expensive) remote controls for stuff in the rest of the house. In conclusion, I think that Tablet PCs are still ahead of their time, but the technology that should allow them to acheive their proper potential is just around the corner.
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