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Oh my god! We don’t have a kettle or any coffee?! How am I going to survive?

After working with .Net for a few days, I have to say there are a lot of good ideas contained within it. I'm using C# along with Asp.Net for you latecomers. C# is a really nice language to work in; it is very similar to Java. The general syntax and so on works really well. And .Net provides a garbage collector, which makes things easier. Though I still feel I should be freeing all the objects, it sorta makes me wince slightly not to. I think that is because of the extreme memory control that has to be used in the new menus. That is hardcore. Work is improving, as I'm starting to get to grips with the app we are writing for. I am also getting to add code to it, so it's starting to feel more mine aswell =)

Day off today, I'm off to read on asp.net and, probably for longer, Harry Potter. Enjoying Harry Potter a lot, it was well worth the delay.
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