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There is a programme on the radio here called Desert Island Disks. The program features an interview on the life of some celebrity of a form that appeals to cultured listener. One of the main point of the interview is for the interviewee to choose seven records they would take with them to a desert island (hence the name of the programme). I think it is single songs, but I thought that was a little difficult for me. So here we have, my seven albums I would take to a desert island:

  • Weezer — Pinkerton - Aphex Twin -Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - The White Stripes — Elephant - Ash — 1977 - Lemon Jelly — Lost Horizons - Royksopp — Melody A.M. - Radiohead — The Bends

Not sure on the reasons for the post. I just thought I'd give you an insight into my continuing musical tastes and perhaps an idea or two for your own musical collection.
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