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Better news on the coffee front. I bought some coffee and have discovered that the microwave is a reasonable kettle substitute. Even better news is that my flatmate is bringing a kettle back from home today!

I spent an hour or two redesigning my admin area for this site. It's now alot nicer than before, with similar tabs on it to the main site. I've changed the look of the tabs just for experimentation purposes and they look quite cool. I may change them on the main site sometime, but both the main site and the admin styles look equally as good, so I probably will not. The most likely scenario is that I'll use them in an alternate style sheet if I get round to adding that back to the site.

I am also thinking of adding comments back to the posts on the site. If you think that would be a good idea, post in the chatterbox for now. I was thinking that it might be useful for starting bug threads and so on, as well as just for normal posts on the weblog. Thoughts?
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