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A nice idea over at Asterisk* . Each week there is a new “Song of the Week” put online. As it’s only a single song, I wouldn’t call it any form of piracy, but it gives you a feeling for a band you may not have heard of. Certainly, I haven’t heard of most of the bands mentioned, though most look like I would like them. This week’s artist, Mars Volta, I have heard of but I don’t know much about. I’ve got the streaming audio on at the moment and I do rather like it. Whether I’ll buy any of their music, I don’t know yet. However, it’s a neat idea and I shall certainly be checking for updates to listen too.

Hang on a sec... if you keep playing the stream, the older songs of the week come on. I shall be listening to some of the older ones, as Keith appears to have similar music tastes to my own.
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