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Stopdesign introduces a see also section with links to useful examples and articles. We need more of these to create an easier way to drag up articles and tutorials that we see and pass on but then forget about. As more and more information appears on weblogs rather than centralised places, such as ALA , the number of links that must be stored increases immensely.

Bookmarks just don't cut it with the sheer amount of links that need to be stored somewhere. The amount of info a bookmark can store just isn't large enough to allow a search to effectively work right now, especially in IE where you can hardly store any additional info. A system the automatically reads the keywords from pages would be a start. Some learning based on previous searches would also go a long way towards making managing the link pile easier. Typing in "css box model" would pull up, say, five links to your favourite sites with "css box model" as keywords. Obviously this is just a very rough idea, but better ways to manage the volume of links and information available now online are sorely needed in the coming years.
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