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Though I am not advocate the complete ban of Comic Sans MS, I do think it is exceedingly over-used. Please, people of the world, use another font! A nice serif, such as Times New Roman, or another sans. The font was never designed to be used aside from sparingly for a jaunty effect. Its purpose is not to do flyers at the local doctors that say “Please remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it. Missed appointments are no good for anyone.” Even Arial for goodness sakes!

Another quick point whilst I am on this subject. Serif fonts look good on paper. Sans fonts look pretty lame and are harder to read. Therefore remember: print = serif. This is one thing I see over and over again. For companies, it makes you look unprofessional if you cannot get this fact straight. Serif fonts help your eye flow through the text, whilst sans are much more disjointed and jarring to read. Get it right!

end of rant =)

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