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I started a new project last night provisionally called dCron. Many of you will probably know this is the sceduler used on Linux. I basically became pretty annoyed with the Windows Task Scheduler and decided to write a basic scheduler of my own. dCron shall probably have nowhere near the flexibility of Cron.

I might well change the name before the release to avoid confusion. In fact that is more likely than not, as I am sure that the cron team wouldn’t want my lacking version having any possiblity of confusion with their app. Just have to decide on another name that sounds as cool.

It’s quite an interesting app to program. How to handle all the jobs, and be able to check a given time has any jobs that need doing. That’s not too difficult to do. However, the problem is how to do it fast. Say you have a hundred jobs, then you don’t want to go through a list of all of them each minute or whatever. On the otherhand, you don’t want to have a huge storage structure to store what needs to be done for every minute of the day, which would enable instant lookups. An interesting problem and one I am quite looking forward to =)

Of course, I may get bored and give up on it when it does enough for my rather meagre needs!

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