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Looks like the virus email onslaught is slacking off, finally. I must have recieved over two hundred of them over five days. Fortunately Thunderbird knocked them all down as spam after the first couple, but still annoying to have to download them all in the first place.

On the note of email viruses and Outlook, have a read of this post at Daring Fireball. Though written from a Mac user’s standpoint, it is still a good read. In my opinion Outlook and Outlook Express are severe problems. No other email client allows a virus to run without user intervention. We all learnt the “You can’t get a virus from opening an email” mantra, only to have Outlook make us eat our words. Hopefully the new security concious Microsoft will make viruses like this a thing of the past with new releases of Outlook, though many people will still be using old and vulnerable versions. Only time will tell.

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