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One thing that would be very useful is if there existed an extension for Mozilla Firebird that enabled the Mozilla spellchecker for textareas in forms. Many times I have typed an entry for posting here, reread it a couple of times over to check for errors, then posted it and noticed a glaring spelling error in the first line is too many to count. I’d have a go myself, were it not that I really seem to have so little time atm to get familiar with the Mozilla architecture and hack it in.

In a similar vein, one of the major ways I feel that Mozilla is inferior to IE is the difficulty in making an area rich-text editable. In IE it’s as simple as declaring it contenteditable. From my last set of research into the issue, it is rather more complicated to enable it in Moz. Maybe times have changed in the interim. This is one area that is holding Moz back for use within businesses. Many intranets make significant use of contenteditable divs to provide employees with a familiar method of entering data. It is also used in many web applications to provide much better editing facilities than are available in a simple textarea.

A compatible feature in Mozilla, down to using contenteditable attributes would make great inroads into IE’s strength in this area. Make it easy for developers to add in support for Mozilla to their apps whist maintaining a similar level of functionality and I believe many would make the effort. The contenteditable attribute may not be standard, but I believe it would provide excellent additional functionality that is worth the slight slur on standards compliance.

Two improvements that I believe would be a great addition to the Mozilla browser.

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