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Time for media players. I now have Totem (a gtk2 frontend for xine) and mplayer installed. I like the dvdnav of Totem and the speed of mplayer. If I could have mplayer core, dvdnav and Totem UI, I’d be one pleased delusional. However, at the moment that is not to be right now.

Gentoo uses emerge as its package manager. This in turn uses ebuild files as its package format. mplayer was the first ebuild file I’ve had to hack. The font file was not downloading, so I removed that download instruction from the ebuild file and wget’d the file myself and put it in the emerge working directory. Re-ran emerge mplayer and all seems to be fine now =)

So, no perfect media player, but two that are close to perfect. I favour the mplayer engine over the xine engine (it seems to be much more powerful and fast to me) but the Totem UI is very smooth and slick… I guess I’ll stick with both. The other problem is that the Totem player doesn’t seem to “fullscreen” itself properly. Setting fullscreen just seems to hide the controls, but the window stays. This may be to do with using Openbox rather than Gnome. If anyone’s had this problem and has some suggestions, drop me a mail!

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