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It’s 10:26am, and it feels good to be awake! It’s tempting to go outside and revel in the emptiness of the streets. For it is new year’s day, and many will be still asleep after a night of revelling themselves. Not I, for this year we stayed in and drank not a drop. Wine? Pah! A nice cup of coffee at half past eleven will suit me fine. Of course, we did not stay in purposefully. Instead we felt rather lethargic after the previous night, during which we consumed several delicious beverages of the alcoholic kind and played altogether too much pool. That’s not to say we felt particularly bad as such, just lacking in inclination to make the effort to go out. Thus I went to bed around two o’clock and had a good night’s sleep.

We lay on the bed and watched a rather macabre drama named The Brides in the Bath, which was about a husband who had the tendency to marry people and then, soon after, drown them in their baths. You could get away with that sort of thing in 1912, you know. Not in the end though, he was eventually caught when relatives of one victim noticed the story of his latest victim in the paper and noted a suspicious similarity in the two deaths. Just goes to show that drowning your wives in the bath never pays, that’s what I say. After that we tuned into old Jools Holland to watch his annual music-fest up until midnight and beyond. A distinctly C-list turn out of musical talent, the definite highlight being a quite crazy band called something-or-other-Cowtown. Good fun, indeed.

At around 1:30, some of our friends came ringing on the door bell after an evening at a local drinking establishment. They did ring ahead, so didn’t run the risk of waking us up. Anyway, as it goes, their visit was fleeting, but good while it lasted. I declined from departing with them to their house for a game of Rapido, or similar, and drinks, instead dropping my frame into bed.

My new year’s eve. Maybe I’m getting old, but I enjoyed it non-the-less.

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