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More Robert Love goodness. Whilst I know this is pre-preduction code and I probably won’t see it on my desktop for a year (or whatever), it’s still exciting to see such excellent work being done in this area.

A further step in the right direction would be more program integration, for example allowing applications to register their ability to play certain media and having a drop-down list with these applications in, in addition to the ability to set your own command. I’m sure this has been thought of though, especially as similar functionality is in other operating systems already.

My personal opinion on this is that Gnome provides an excellent UI framework and methodology for more complicated desktop procedures. I think that, with a little elbow grease, Gnome can be made much more intuitive and reliable than Windows on this front. Windows always seems to forget what I want to do with things. “No, Mr XP, I really don’t want MediaPlayer to play this damn CD, I’ve told you upteen times now,” comes into my head all to often.

Maybe I’m too advanced on this front, but Gnome (and Linux in general) “just does what I expect” far more often than Windows does. It’s just more deterministic. Rebooting a Linux box hardly ever solves a problem, whether as it’s the standard solution for Window boxes…

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