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Finally I’ve spent a couple of hours doing some work on SharpE, after around four months of nothing. Why the change of heart, you may ask? There is a new SharpDesk developer who is writing much of the desktop, if not all of it. He’s been much more active than the previous dev, making me feel worse for now getting my act together.

However, that is not the main reason. We have got together and put both the SharpMenu and Desk code onto the Lowdimension cvs server, making it much easier to collaborate. I can now build the desktop with my menu code. I find being able to use the new desktop with my changes right away is much more of an incentive for me to code than having to email the code and then wait for a build to be sent back. A much quicker return on investment, you could say.

Over the coming weeks, I’m hoping to be able to spend a few hours each week on SharpE, which will hopefully revive my interest in coding. That interest has been on the wane recently after a string of rather dour university assignments. I shall cross my fingers, and hopefully some cool new SharpE stuff should be on the way!

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