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Keith writes a post over at asterisk* about how web standards are now second nature, that, to him, other methods just don’t come to mind when designing a web page. Whilst I don’t want to sound egotistic about the whole thing, I’d say his sentiments are pretty much what I was getting at when I said that using standards is just easier for me; they’re now second nature to me aswell.

When designing a webpage now, I tend to think in terms of boxes that can be shifted about the place with complete freedom. I’ll have a content box, a navigation box, perhaps a title box and a few other boxes that I’ll shift about the place until they form some cohesive whole. With table-based design the shear effort in moving things about, especially once you had more than one page on the go, made this kind of experimentation too much of a chore for it to be worth it.

Of course, I’ll usually have an image in my mind of how I want the page to look — I don’t just shift things at random, that would just be chaotic — but I will use the ease of modification that CSS affords to my advantage when deciding on the finer details of a layout. Once you get used to that, there just isn’t another way of thinking.

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