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I think I may have found a media player that I actually like on Windows: Musik.

It’s a cross-platform program, but I think I’ll be sticking to Rhythmbox on Linux just because it’s more polished and follows the HIG very closely. That makes it more consistent with the other apps I use, which is good =)

However, I’ve been using Windows for developing SharpMenu and I have been at a loss for a media player to use. Apple’s iTunes is a very nice program, but it just seems clunky and out-of-place on my desktop. It doesn’t help that re-sizing is so slow either. Winamp just doesn’t stand up to the might that is Rhythmbox/iTunes, though I used to like it, it just doesn’t cut it now. I’ve also tried foobar 2000, which is what I settled on for a while before I found Musik. Foobar is fast and uncluttered, things I like. However, I found myself missing the searching power and speed of iTunes, so it was never quite there.

Then I came across Musik whilst on Linux and thought, “well, I like Rhythmbox, but this could be just the ticket for Windows!” So I downloaded it, rebooted and installed it. I’ve only been using it for about an hour, but it seems good. As long as it is stable, it has pretty much all I want. Excellent. Now I can go back to some real work!

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