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A while ago, I wrote on the site about setting my browser’s minimum font-size to 12px. This is larger than many sites use for navigation and, increasingly then as now, main content text. I chose to do this because struggling to read long lines of small text seemed rather like a waste of time. I could just knock up the minimum font-size of the browser up a few notches and be done with all these small font problems. So I tried it.

Back then, I was worried about things such as navigation getting messed up and other strange anomalies appearing. Eight months later, my minimum size is still set to 12px. In fact, I’d forgotton this was the case until I was checking someone’s site out yesterday and realised that this choice could be affecting the layout. (It wasn’t, by the way, just making it easier to read for my tired eyes.)

So, the result of my little experiment is that a nice, easy to read font-size is merely a browser setting away. And it won’t do anything but improve your web-browsing experience, at least in the opinion of little old me.

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