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Though the Death Cab for Cutie concert was last weekend, it would seem I’ve still not really written about it. I’ve been fairly busy this week with one thing and another, so you’ll have to forgive me. Though it was a good gig, it wasn’t much different to previous ones I’ve written about here, so I’ll not bore you. I’ll just say that you should go and see them if they play near you.

The interesting thing about this gig was how I got to know about the band. I’d say it’s the first gig I’ve been to see based on recommendations from other weblogs.

Over the new year, many webloggers posted “Top 10 of 2003” type lists. Many of these were on the subject of albums. One that seemed to consistently pop up was an album by The Postal Service. Now, the Postal Service are a kind of semi-electronica outfit as far as I can tell. I downloaded a few tracks and quite liked them. I did some reseach and turned up that the singer was the singer for Death Cab for Cutie (forgive me if I’m wrong here, I just noticed it somewhere). So I grabbed some DCfC music. I’d heard of DCfC before, though I didn’t really know their music. After listening to a few tracks I decided they were a good little band with a few tracks I really liked. A few days later I noticed Death Cab for Cutie were playing near me; I convinced my flatmate to go with me to see them and saw a good gig. Excellent.

An interesting method of what I believe can be termed viral marketing, and one of the first music related ones I’ve been a part of.

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