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More work on the Gnome File Selector by Seth. Most interesting in this series of mockups is the save dialog box. In my opinion, this is probably the best Save As dialog I’ve seen. I’ve always felt that the Windows Save As dialog is not very intuitive, and I think the mockup is a great solution to this.

The emphasis on the Name box makes it much more clear what you are doing than the Save box in Windows, which looks far too similar to the Load dialog box. Often, I have to take time out to check I'm in the right dialog, which I shouldn't have to do. Having the Save dialog look different to the Load dialog is a good move.

Removing the Path box is another good move. Most people store their files in a very small subset of folders, that are single-level. This means that there really isn’t any hierarchy to them. The path string therefore promotes a hierarchical principle that doesn’t exist for many people.

Overall, I’m really looking forward to having a mess with these dialogs, to see if they really are as nice to use as they look.

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