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A while ago I talked about my search for a Windows music player, as Winamp was too basic and iTunes was to slow and annoying. I found Musik. I’ve been using it for a month or so now. In general I’ve been very pleased with it.

It works in a similar way to iTunes, with the familiar browse windows, search box and so on. The difference is that it is fast. Compared to iTunes, it’s blazing. My flatmate has my old PC, an AMD 450MHz job. ITunes ran horrendously slowly, but it was suffered because it is a good music player. I installed Musik on his computer the other day, and the difference is very noticable. The UI is much more responsive, searches don’t freeze the program up for thirty seconds and it is generally more smooth. Even on my PC, iTunes UI was rather juddery, so Musik is better for me too.

If iTunes seems too slow and clunky, I’d highly recommend you give Musik a try.

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