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Getting more hardcore: I now have a Gentoo desktop system and a Debian Stable mail server =)

The email server runs a combination of fetchmail, exim, procmail and uw-imapd, which does the following:

  1. fetchmail downloads the email from the dx13 server
  2. exim delivers it locally
  3. procmail sorts mail from mailing lists for one of my accouts
  4. uw-imapd serves it up to my desktop machine

I set this up because switching between Windows and Linux and having to keep email in sync was becoming rather a chore. I had to use the same email client in both Windows and Linux. Though I used the very capable Mozilla Thunderbird — sharing mail files on a common vfat disk — the solution always seemed restrictive. Now I can try out whatever email client I like, and not have to worry about setting up filters and such for each one.

Though not the simplest of solutions, hopefully I can just stick the mail server on the stairs and leave it. Reboot every month or so and we are done.

The only real problem I’ve encountered is that the DHCP server that you are forced to use with WinXP Internet Connection Sharing doesn’t seem to play well with Linux systems. Perhaps that’s a hint that I shouldn’t be using Windows a job requiring a proper server OS…

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