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Long brown hair, brown eyes. Kind of cute. Sitting across from me on the train. I’m sat, book in hand, one earphone in. She’s looking out the window; countryside flashes past. She looks over.

“You’re a student?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Yeah. What do you study?”

“Why don’t you guess? Not much else to do.”

She looks out the window for a moment and her hair slips down over her shoulder. She pushes it back, “okay then”, and glances at the book I’m reading. Some reasonably high-brow book.

“English, perhaps? Or maybe history,” she asks.

“Not at all close,” I say, with a smile.

“Is it an arts subject?”

“Nope, a science.”

“Well, I give up then; I’m a music student: science isn’t my thing.”

“Computer Science,” I say. She gives me an odd look, I’m used to this so I add, “don’t hold it against me!”

She smiles, glances around. The train pulls into a station.

“It’s mine,” she says; by means of an explanation, I guess. She gets up, grabs her bag.

“Bye, catch you around.” She flashes me a smile. Her eyes give a twinkle. She gets off and gives me a quick wave from the platform then turns to the exit.

I get off at the next stop; stand around wondering if I’ll ever see her again. I hail a taxi.

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