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Song of the Week

**Two days late, but, that's the way it is. If we were all regimented souls tied down by schedules, what would life be like? Let dx13 introduce you to disorder! =)**

This week’s SotW is from a favourite artist of mine, Aimee Mann. I’ve been listening to Aimee for around a year now. The song I’ve chosen is from her third album, it’s called Backfire. I chose it because I think it combines some of Mann’s best qualities: a fairly happy sounding song but with darker undertones. It’s also one of my favourite songs she has written, so it seemed a good choice.

Much of Aimee Mann’s music is like this, an alluring combination of dark and light. Many of her songs are bitter and jaded, combined with a great song-writing talent which makes them greater than the sum of their parts. It is also chilled out, so I find it good to listen when working to keep me from getting to stressed. Talking of which, it is exam season: revision o’clock.

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