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There was a sign in my exam that read:

Turn mobile phones off and leave in your bags please.

Perhaps it is just me, but reading that I had a vision of the people taking the exam trying to exit the exam in their rucksacks. What were the people without bags to do? Perhaps revision has taken its toll on me…

These exams have been fairly hectic. This is mostly due to the very short time we’ve had to revise for them. We had to demonstrate a group project that was worth a third of the marks for the year just a week before exams started. This meant that revision was not even really on my mind until seven days before the first exam. This really is not enough time to become well prepared, especially for subjects that you haven’t studied for six months. However, enough of my whining.

I was thinking about how people do revision. Some people spend months reading all the textbooks, looking at past papers and generally fussing over exams for what seems like an inordinate amount of time. Then there are the people who leave it until the last minute and work solidly for a month without break or solstice. I would say that, in general, I aspire to the former, but reality goes towards the latter.

Due to the crushed up revision time I have, this year is even more cram. This has meant that most of my revision has consisted of trying to induce what will come in the exams I will take from past exams. I think this is a normal part of revision, but should not be the be all and end all, as it seems to be this year. It has meant that I am going to go into each exam with more trepidation than usual. Whilst I usually have pretty wide gaps in my knowledge of a subject, based on what I think will definitely not come up, this year I have gaping holes. It’s all a bit worrying.

The exams started today and finish a week tomorrow (1st of June) so there isn’t long left now. I’m already planning the exams-over-evening. It isn’t a complicated plan, mostly it involves drinking in the lovely summer weather — hopefully the sun will shine that day!

Crossed fingers, all =)

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