290 - Song of the Week (and a minor rant)

Something I hear more often than you might imagine are words along the lines of: (any excuse to use my favourite little blockquote effect, I know!)

Yeah, I really like the White Stripes. I just bought their first album, you know, the White Blood Cells one.

No, no, no! They made two albums before that! Today, therefore, I bring you one of my favourite songs from the White Stripes first LP, cunningly entitled The White Stripes. Early music from the White Stripes is far more raw sounding than their later work, most notably the singles released from both White Blood Cells and Elephant.

As with the Black Keys, I think that this rawness is quite a refreshing change from the reams and reams of over-produced music one often hears nowadays. It’s not for everyone though, and I would say that the White Stripes stuff is more challenging to listen to than the Black Keys. It is unlikely to grab you on a single listen, but I found myself addicted after four or five listens.

I think that, with the far greater popularity of the Stripes these days, the quote that prompted today’s SotW is heard far less often, but it still gets on my nerves. By all means, don’t like the earlier albums, but at least realise it exists =)

Without further ado, then, I present One More Cup of Coffee by The White Stripes. (It’s a cover, but it’s great)

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