Udev good, devfs bad

I have a shiny new udev managed /dev, rather than using devfs. From what I’ve read, devfs is a rather hacky and buggy system that was used because the functionallity was needed, rather than it was the best solution. At least, that’s what the udev site seemed to say!

Reading more into udev, this summary would appear correct. This is mainly because udev operates in a user environment rather than directly in the kernel. Having less code running in the kernel-space is generally a Good Thing as kernel code is where the worst things can happen.

So far, it is working.

I was hoping to get the entirety of Project Utopia working; a system for dynamically and transparently managing devices present in a system that has some nice user benefits, such as auto-run and mounting of devices. However, there are still some dbus problems in Gentoo at the moment, and the package is hard-masked. Hard-masked stuff is usually not-quite-sorted software, and I didn’t fancy a quite low-level aspect of my system being considered not-quite-sorted!

I’ll wait a few weeks to make sure all seems okay with udev and then maybe delve further into this path to shiny Utopia.

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