308 - Kernel-Sources-Take-Up-Lots-Of-Space-Shocker

So, I’m starting to run rather low on disk space on my root drive. What could be taking up all that space?

[ wait quite a while…. ]

Oh look, and extra 1.5GB free! So, a lesson learned: remove old kernel source trees. Most of the sources I hadn’t even looked at, let alone used. I’m running my kernel.org vanilla 2.6.6 kernel quite happily now, so hopefully I shouldn’t need the 2.4 tree around. I have a reliable 2.4 kernel build, just in case, but 2.6 seems good so far.

My two Gentoo disk-space related tips are, then:

  1. Check /usr/portage/distfiles and clean up once in a while, and
  2. Get rid of unused kernel sources

Just for the three people in the world who don’t know yet, I would guess.

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