310 - Romanticising-in-and-around-one’s-workplace

How does meeting people for possible entanglements work when you are at, for want of a better phrase, work?

I mean by this, if you see a girl or guy you kind of like at your place of toil, is there some accepted stratagem one is meant to pursue? I’ve become too used to the student out in the evening method of just, well, allowing things to happen. It all seems quite simple, however I have a feeling this method would not work very well at work where there isn’t a supply of alcohol, the great social lubricant that it is.

Thinking of the situations that you could meet them in a more social-work situation, can you ask someone out in the coffee room upon first meeting them? Do you need to wait a given amount of meetings? What would be the situation if you see them sitting alone at lunchtime?

Is the coffee room to much of a trap-situation; in a bar you’ve always got the faithful I just need the toilet and sneak off routine. (Not that I’d ever advocate such a method, or carry it out myself. I prefer the scarper, or just get out of there, method. It might be more damaging in the short-term, but long-term it’s a lot cleaner for both sides.)

I don’t have anyone in mind, but working at a larger company, it was something I started to think about. Though, given I am only going to be there for three months, are such things even really worth considering? Should I just do my job and get out of there, leaving no ties?

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