311 - An-Explaination-and–in-Addition–a-Worry

Okay, I give in. I saw a cute girl at work yesterday and I was wondering what the score was with hitting on cute girls at work. Not even kind of cute, but definitely cute. Happy now?

This is kind of inconsequential, however, if you take into account the following question: how long do you wait for your current perhaps-girlfriend to call, given she has lost her mobile phone — and therefore your phone number too — and her mum has quite possibly not passed on the message that you called?

I haven’t heard from my girl (of a few weeks) in over a week now. There are the attenuating circumstances mentioned above: she might not even have my phone number being the most important, as without that, how can she be expected to call? Past record also brings up the fact that she doesn’t call so often anyway, preferring to give me a ring when we can actually meet up later in the day. I’m working full time at the moment, so meeting during the week isn’t really something I want to do. She knows this and so it is another reason why she might not call.

I suppose the conclusion you draw from this depends on your overall outlook: the optimistic will go with the fact that she may well not have my number and so cannot call (to take one example); a pessimist would of course take the route that she just doesn’t want to call and say the optimist was making up excuses for her.

Obviously, I hope the optimist is correct, but I ever fear the pessimist my have a point.

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