315 - Congrats-to-Scidd0w–Wendy-and-Country–)

I just watched Holland win on penalties vs Sweeden. It was 0-0 until fulltime, 0-0 at the end of extra time so it came down to penalties. The same as we had on Thursday so I know just how it feels… only Holland won and we lost!

So, my cheers to Scidd0w aka the guy who’s letting me stay in his house pre-lowlands festival — so a great guy! I presume he is out celebrating now, so I’ll write it here for posterity. Holland are going on to play Portugal, beat them for us!

w00t and such ;)

(For those wondering, I went out for a drink avec girlf, all seems okay. I can’t tell you a mini-story without the ending, now, can I? Sometimes it helps to write about these things, so you may be hearing more, dear reader)

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