324 - StarOffice-Adverts–ehm–Memorable

There’s a software house called Sourcenext selling StarOffice in Japan. One of their talents seems to be creating strange and, it has to be said, rather memerable adverts. If the memory of this advert doesn’t bring you out in minor fits of mirth when someone mentions StarOffice, I don’t know what will.

To further tempt you, here’s a translation of the advert:

“Sourcenext products are just 1980 Yen?! Oh, my Goodness….!” She faints suddenly. A guy rushs to her and says, “She is having a baby!” Everyone looks at her anxiously. The guy says, “Now, the baby was born!” And for no special reason, she had a colt. It tries to rise unsteadily to its feet. “Oh! It stands up!” Everybody is moved.

Via The Register.

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