326 - It’s Genius I Tell You, Genius

Just a great idea from Mr Veen. Genius. No I am not going to tell you, go and look for yourself.


I suddenly thought that I wouldn’t bother to visit a link when given so little information about the link. Therefore I decided to relent and write a little more. I was tired when I posted it, there’s your excuse!

Veen has come up with a nifty use of wget, a command line tool for downloading files. He has worked out a really nice combination of options that allow you to scrape a page for links to mp3s and download them. You can set it up to look at so-called mp3 blogs — which post new music each day — and pull the linked mp3s. The options ensure that files are not downloaded more than once, so you don’t waste bandwidth.

In brief, if you put the command in a cron job, you can have new music waiting for you each day. I’ve found a couple of songs I like already. It’s a good way of hearing about new bands, which I always like doing.

**Oh I can’t resist: it’s Linux advocacy time! **

Yet another way that Linux and associated tools have made my life that little better. Not as a geek this time, but as a music lover. Which is nice.

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