327 - More-Comments-Features–And-So-On

I added a couple of features to the commenting system.

The first is a “preview comment” feature. Type in your comment and hit preview and you’ll be shown what the server will very likely spit out for your comment. I say very likely because the server may interpret JavaScript slightly differently to your browser and so things may not quite work. However, I’ve used simple code so it should all be fine. Crossed fingers…

If you would rather have a “preview as you type” preview box, leave a comment and I can change the code to re-evaluate your comment as you type rather than when you click the preview button. If you’re dead against this feature, again comment. I’ve one vote for preview as you type so far; I’ll take silence to mean “do what you will” and make an executive decision on the matter.

The number of comments on an item is now encoded in the URL for the link to the comments page. This means that when new comments that you haven’t read are posted, the link will change back to an unvisited colour, making it easy to see if there are new comments.

Hopefully these couple of features should make it easier for the few lone souls who deign to visit =)

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