328 - Add-Remove-Programs–8217–Size–It–8217-s-All-Ju

Thisoldnewthing has an insight into the Add/Remove Programs dialog. This dialog has entries on program sizes and usage patterns. It turns out that this information is based on guesswork half the time, with a simple “who has the most words that match what I think the program is called” algorithm used to determine which programs to use when calculating the numbers.

Yes, this is all lame, but when you are forced to operate with inadequate information, lame is the best you can do.

It would be more serious, but, in real life, does anyone actually use this feature? I certainly do not and now I know quite why the statistics given by the Add/Remove dialog seem so divorced from reality I doubt I ever will.


Bummer, the title got truncated… Whether to fix the bug or just write shorter titles? My past history of laziness would predict the latter…

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