334 - Fireballs-Of-A-Daring-Nature

Yup, I’m now an official, card-carrying, t-shirt wearing member of Daring Fireball =) T-shirt and membership card arrived in the post today.

Why, you ask, given I’m a Linux user, did I choose to support a Mac pundit site? I’d have to say it is simply because I enjoy reading the material on the site.

John Gruber’s articles are consistently well researched, well written and well, darn good reading. When he put up a request for sponsoring, I saw an opportunity to support a guy that I enjoyed reading. Support him in a venture to see if enough capital could be generated to make Daring Fireball a full time occupation. I’m not sure whether that target was reached, but I’m pleased to have supported the effort and the milestone it could represent in internet one-man publishing.

Plus, of course, I got a pretty cool t-shirt. Can’t say fairer than that for the price of a CD, now, can you?

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