337 - The-Holland-Trip

I’m over in Holland at the moment. staying with some people I met via SharpE coding — pretty cool, eh? We do meet in real life sometimes! So far it’s all been really good fun.

A couple of days ago we went over to Amsterdam and pretty much wondered around the place. We went to some, ehm, coffee-shops and to watch I-Robot (some Dutch culture, some not). Rest assured the Genuine Amsterdam Coffee Shops were better than I-Robot. I-Robot was okay, but I don’t think that I shall be exactly rushing to buy the DVD. We went to this really cool chilled out coffeeshop after the cinema. The weirdest thing was that just sitting next to us were three guys from the UK. Even weirder was that two were from places within twenty minutes drive of where I grew up and the other was from Bristol, which is where I go to university! Small world, isn’t it.

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to Lowlands festival which should rock. I’d better go and pack, I guess…

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