344 - Stupid-System-Tray-Icon-Rant

Could someone please enlighten me as to why the hell so many propgrams in Windows choose to put such stupid, useless, idiotic icons in my system tray?! Why?! I have five icons in my tray that I have never used, will never use and don’t want to ever see again.

Why do ATI and the makers of the little pointing stick thing on my laptop feel so self-important that I might want to change my resolution from the system tray or alter my pointing stick sensitivity? Has anyone ever done it? Why do who-ever made the keep-the-system-uptodate software think I’ll ever care to use their icon? And don’t get me started on anti-virus software. Make the icons go away…

All these programs should so their work behind the scenes, without having to stick an icon in the system tray. The really annoying thing is that, in fact, they can and do do thier work behind the scenes. The tray-icon seems to be there to compensate for some stupid desire to say “Look! you’re using Crap Software 10! In case you didn’t know! Even though you have no idea what I do or you bought me!”. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I’d forgotton how annoying this small facet of Windows life is. And you can’t even get rid of the icons! But, then again, perhaps it is just because it’s friday and I want to go home…

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