350 - PJ-Harvey–People–Indeed

I just arrived home from the PJ Harvey gig here in Bristol village. Really, really good, in my extremely great and lauded[*] opinion. She was in fine form and seemed to be really enjoying the gig herself, something that I always think is great. After all, if you’re tired of gigging, why gig? To me the whole point is to enjoy yourself, especially playing music; if it’s a chore then go back to the studio and make up some more great songs =)

PJ played a nice mixture of old and new. It’s such a shame when an artist just plays stuff from their new album when you see them: it is nice to be reminded of all the old songs you haven’t heard in a while! One interesting facet was that just after the middle, she went off stage, as if before the encore. Turned out to be more like an interval (maybe even rock and roll stars need the toilet?) and they all came back on and carried on for a good few more songs.

Oh yes, and old PJ has that cool fly-away hair I’m so enamoured of. Top marks all round then.

[*] made up.

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