362 - Post-For-The-Camera-Shy

To remove fear that my digital camera would not work in Linux which was expressed by some (=p), my current a previous screenshot shows the extremely difficult process I have to use to import photos. In summary, it is something like:

  1. Plug in camera, switch on camera
  2. Click Import Photos on my desktop
  3. Click the Import button

Step 1 is probably the most difficult bit — as the cable is always lost somewhere under the paper on my desk. I’m not sure how this process differs from Windows, probably not by much (Steps 2 and 3 I’m thinking about here, rather than the finding of the cable!).

Soon I should have it set up so Step 2 isn’t needed as the PC will notice when I plug the camera in and do it for me (that’s HAL/D-bus/Udev/Gnome 2.8 goodness, technology watchers!)

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