366 - Firefox: save my tabs already

The way I read weblogs — now in Bloglines rather than a feed reader — is to flick through them and open a ton of browser windows with the interesting stories in. Then I can read the interesting posts at my leisure over the day.

This, of course, relies on the browser not crashing. This morning I had around twenty posts open on my desktop, just waiting for my perusal. They were open in Firefox. Which then crashed, seemingly for no reason. All the windows lost, a moment of frustration that we all must know. Why doesn’t Firefox remember what windows and tabs are open? Then I could just restart the browser and back they would come.

This is why I use Epiphany most of the time: if Epiphany crashes, it will restore all my windows and tabs on next loading the program; if I choose. This small feature means that I don’t have to worry about crashes so much.

When you’ve got five webpages open that you have just spent an hour or so trying to find, this functionality is more than just convenient; it’s a godsend.

Come on Firefox, play catch up already.

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