375 - Windows for Cashpoints — sucky as hell

Mr Thiemann said research by the TowerGroup showed that 70% of new cash machines being installed were Windows based.

So, installing a general-purpose, monolithic, proven insecure OS inside a cash machine that only has fairly minimal and specialised needs is a good idea? Like hell it is: get a small OS core in, add the bits you need, be happy.

I wonder if the UIs are IE based? That would truly take the biscuit… These cash machines have already been affected by viruses, come on people, get some intelligence into your heads!

Most of the new cash points I have used (i.e. ones with colours screens) have a far, far worse UI than the old ones. Getting £10 is akin to watching a badly executed flash movie. Get a life, ATM coders, we want simple things — I don’t like swirling lights when I’m drunk and trying to get money out for the taxi home (ahem, hypothetically speaking!). Head hurts…

via BBC

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