380 - Hell yeah – Lowlands

It feels good. If people wanna come to our show and hear their jam — that’s fine! At one of the festivals, we went on for an encore, and the crowd was chanting it. Ben Blackwell [Dirtbombs drummer, Jack’s cousin] said, ’That’s the only time I ever heard a crowd chant a riff!’

From an interview this weekend in The Guardian.

That was us at Lowlands. That was fucking well us! JACK WHITE REMEMBERED US!

That gig was absolutely amazing… I didn’t write about it here ’cause I seemed all too busy just after coming back from Lowlands. The Stripes played mostly old stuff from their first two albums, The White Stripes and De Stijl. This was amazing for me because those two albums are my favourite White Stripes albums. Jack was on fire, going off on random riffs all the time, singing like a crazed mad man. The two of them have a really good connection going on, I guess, as Meg seemed to know just where Jack was going to go next.

Absolutely the best gig I’ve been to this year.

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