384 - For-Those-RSS-Junkies

I did a bit of a redesign of dx13 today. I’m pleased with the result; it is a departure from my previous designs in that it isn’t black-on-white. I’m not quite sure whether the dx13 title on the picture should be changed to a similar brown to the text, though having it black does ensure it stands out. There are various other tweaks I’m thinking about, but I am going to leave things be.

Insert usual yadda yadda here about my only having to change one <abbr title=’Cascading Style Sheets’>CSS</abbr> file rather than lots of individual pages, saving lots of time, making things look pretty. In short, <abbr title=’Cascading Style Sheets’>CSS</abbr> still rocks.

The picture is from stock.xchng which has lots of good, free photos that can be used. I didn’t mess with it very much, as it was very nice already.

RSS Junkies: you should really come and look.

Update : trying brown text title image.