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Song of the Week

Even though I haven’t written much recently, a week has gone by since the last SotW and so I feel compelled to post a new one. A while ago I wrote about a gig we went to. [The Black Keys](http://www.theblackkeys.com/). We liked them rather a lot. I thought I’d bring them up again for Song of the Week so that those of you who haven’t tried them out can have a listen. So far, pretty much every listener has been converted to the Black Keys’ cause: I’m fairly confident you’ll like this track. The song I have chosen is one of the first Black Keys tracks I heard, Heavy Soul. It is still one of my favourites that they have recorded. They don’t do much, if any, post recording work on their records, so the song has a very raw feel to it. They really are an amazing live band, and I still say you should go and see them posthaste. For now, [enjoy the song](music/black_keys/heavy_soul.mp3).