389 - New-Year–8217-s-Eve

Having found revision too stressful after a mere day working on it, I have decided to pause in order to give you a view of my New Years celebrations. As I am still a student, of course these did not involve sitting at home with a nice glass of vintage port (it is still on the side). In a nod to my hubris I did, however, have a (few) nice glass(es) of Beaujolais and Leffe.

The night went fairly smoothly with a couple of areas that are still missing from my memory. We started of in the usual manner of Drinks With Friends. A few bottles of wine, beer and some vodka later, we left the house, making our way over to a house party. They were having chicken and damn nice roast potatoes.

Clare wanted to go and watch the fireworks with some friends; I decided to accompany her as the house party was somewhat tame — also I wanted to see some fireworks.

So we set off down the street, quite possibly in not the straightest of lines, down to meet her friends. We then made our way over to Brandon Hill to launch some fire works and watch the rest of the city’s. On the way, Clare and I helped ourselves to a bottle of sparking white. Over the course of around twenty minutes it was all gone; around this point is where the gaps in my memory begin to appear.

The hillside started to fill up a little after we arrived. Brandon Hill is close to the centre of Bristol — commercially if not geographically — and we could see quite a large portion of the city laid out below us. Coming up to twelve, our fireworks began to be set off from just below where I was standing. As midnight came the rest of the city began to be lit with its own fireworks. A very nice sight; if I am here next year I shall try to see it again.

After this Clare and I made our faltering way down the twenty or so yards to the guys who set the fireworks off. By then the sparkling wine was beginning to really hit and, needless to say, we were both rolling when we hit the bottom. I lay back for a while and looked at the stars.

This is where a blank appears in my memory. The next thing I remember after this was being most of the way home and meeting one of my friends called Emma, in the middle of a grassed square just near to my house. I must have taken a slight deviation from the most direct route home to meet them, but it was nice to see them none the less.

At this point, Clare had realised I had gone missing and meandered off back to the house party that we came from. (They made some more roast potatoes which I class my self as unfortunate to have missed.)

I went to with Emma to her house party and stayed there for around an hour, including a nice trip up onto the roof where I was trying to figure which of the roofs I could see belonged to my house. I think I found it; shouldn’t have been hard as my house was just around the corner from where I was. Climbing back in through the sky light I sustained a few grazes (at least I assume it was from there!). After helping a couple of people in through the window, I decided to leave. Don’t ask for a reason for this decision!

I wondered back round the corner home and decided to cook a pizza as I was pretty hungry by this time. Did the unpleasant thing of completely burning the roof of my mouth on it by being too impatient. Then did the usual wasted activity of sending texts to a couple of girls, as one does, in the process using the rest of my credit. Chatted to one for a while, and then fell asleep listening to the sounds of Orbital at about four in the morning.

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