391 - One-More-Down

I’ve been playing with GNU Autotools tonight; the stuff that makes it easy to compile software by allowing you to follow the./configure, make, make install routine.

Playing is perhaps not the right word. Struggling would be a better one. The tools are not exactly what one would call intuitive. They do some very clever stuff, however, so the difficulty in using them can be forgiven. I have a feeling that once you’ve done a couple of programs, whilst you won’t understand what is going on, you at least know how to get the thing working without too much trouble.

Anyway, for now, the next step to 0.1 is down:

Well, Bluefunk isn’t quite ready yet, but the package making mechanism is. There are still a couple of bugs left to squash; if I don’t get them soon then I’ll do a release with them still in.

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